Sicco & The Infections

Sicco from Sicco & The Infections is a musician from Ledeberg, Ghent. Although most of his works contain elements of different musical subcultures, you could generally categorize them as popsongs with a tendency towards the absurd. His music is often the result of collaborations with different local artists, such as Darth Free, Dr Pipetto, Hecticcc, Mike Letterfretter and many more.

Not only is he an early fan of our show, he's also the voice behind our famous "Nachtschade" jingle. We invited him to give his take on music. His selection (think: Ninja Tune, Apollo, Warp and more) assures a Nachtschade episode within it's true spirit. Let's get infected!

Sicco & The Infections on soundcloud

Break In (Backini Remix) Skalpel 1
Ode To The Big Sea (Four Tet Remix) The Cinematic Orchestra 2
Modular Existence Animals On Wheels 3
Bonga Sun Electric
My Kingdom The Future Sound Of London
Frozen Ants Subsurfing 6
Nil Autechre 7
Una Murcof 8
Venus Funki Porcini 9
Bbydhyonchord Aphex Twin 10
Anatol Stade 11
Pteranodon (Hallucinogen Remix) Ozric Tentacles 12
Salon Kitty Eat Static 13



Blackie & The Oohoos

Blackie & the Oohoos is the band around Loesje and Martha Maieu, two Belgian sisters with a knack for twisted and perplexing tunes. Their spooky folk and dreamy alt pop songs have a stubborn experimental edge due to the combination of Korg synths and special effects. For those in need of references; Beach House, Beth Gibbons and David Lynch might do the trick.

This special Nachtschade episode is divided in two parts. The first one is a quick blend of some tracks that influenced the Maieu sisters as artists. The second part of the show consists of an exclusive live performance of Blackie & the Oohoos in DUO.

Blackie & the Oohoos on facebook
Unday Records

Brigitte Brigitte Fontaine
I Lost Something In The Hills Sibylle Baier 2
Milk And Honey Bonnie Dobson 3
Paris, Texas Ry Cooder
When Light Falls In (Live) Blackie & The Oohoos
Suspiria Goblin
Song For Two Sisters (Live) Blackie & The Oohoos 7
Army Dreamers Kate Bush 8
Pretty Baby John Parish & Alison Goldfrapp 9
Choci Loni Young Marble Giants 10
Dreams Fleetwood Mac 11
Fire In The Distance (Live) Blackie & The Oohoos 12
Hills of Desire (Live) Blackie & The Oohoos 13
心臓の扉 Mariah 14

Placing names with faces; this is how the session looked like:




IJf Boullet aka Sir. Lobster started DJing in 2000. He currently lives in Ghent and his style can be characterized as a blend of downtempo, jazz, funk, broken beats, world and rare grooves. He DJ'ed his way to a spot on 10 Days Off, Springdance Festival, Music in Mind Festival and many more. He also shared the stage with Kid Koala, Hexstatic, DJ Krush, Red Snapper, Nostalgia 77, The Hidden Orchestra & Bonobo.

Our friendly crustacean, from the sea of green, has been diggin' in the shells, in search of the perfect pearls. Expect a quality set with tunes by the likes of Soft Machine, Yusef Lateef, DJ Cam, Vincent Gallo, Skalpel and much, much more.

Carol Ann Soft Machine 1
Cast Adrift / Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part IV) The Greg Foat Group 2
Sunflower Girl Neotropic 3
Inside Your Bones The Simonsound Featuring Laura J Martin 4
Ashie Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One 5
Love Theme From Spartacus Yusef Lateef 6
So What Flanger 7
The Color Of The Fire Boards Of Canada 8
Eneby Kurs Subtle 9
Me: The New You Boom Bip 10
Angel Dust DJ Cam 11
Ellipsilon Miaux 12
Honey Bunny Vincent Gallo 13
Shivers Skalpel 14
Musique Concréte Is Fascinating / Cheery Bye F.C. Judd 15
Mdrmx Brothomstates 16
0181 Four Tet 17
From Eri Ohno DJ Krush 18




For the last decade, the instrumental hip hop duo 40 Winks has been concocting loops and beats from the Belgian metropolis of Antwerp. They take their self-declared mantra of “No hay banda”, or “There is no band!”, from a Mulholland Drive scene in which a performing trumpet player pulls the brass away from his lips and still the music plays on without him. “No hay banda” is a telling statement of what 40 Winks achieves through the illusion of sampling, to see an orchestra where there is none – in the space between your headphones.

The group (also spelled without a space as 40winks, and referring to English idiom for taking a nap for a short period of time) is comprised of two producers; Padmo' and Weedy. 40 Winks hit the scene in 2002, with a whole slew of laidback beats. Eager to share their sound with the world, they released a couple of albums independently. The attention they got from this, allowed them to build with people from around the world. One of these independently released albums, More Than Loops, got reissued in Japan on Swamp Records, after that the ball kept rolling. On their first worldwide release, Extended Pleasure on Escapism Records (2005), they reached listeners well beyond the (instrumental) hip hop community with the song "Melancholia". After appearances on compilations, like Weapons Of Hope on Little-D (2006), they got a chance to do their thing on the renowned label, Merck Records with Sound Puzzle (2007). All this led them back to Europe, where the German based Project: Mooncircle welcomed them with a spot on the compilation Heart On The Right Spot (2007) and two full albums; The Lucid Effect (2008) and It's The Trip (2011).

Padmo' and Weedy made an exclusive mixtape for the Nachtschade radio show. Join them on a road trip to anywhere, guided by the voices and colors of Grizzly Bear, Tangerine Dream, Fela Kuti and much, much more. Bring your music player and tell your honey you won't be home for dinner. It's the trip, not the destination.
Project: Mooncircle

Out My Window Koushik 1
Southern Point Grizzly Bear 2
Winchesters Javelin 3
Kid's A Loner Cupp Cave 4
Timeaway Darkstar 5
The Night Bell With Lightning David Lynch 6
Thru Metamorphic Rocks Tangerine Dream 7
Forever Heavy Black Moth Super Rainbow 8
Omerta The Afghan Whigs 9
Morning Song Fred Frith & Iva Bittová 10
Conversation Rahsaan Roland Kirk 11
Dizzy Dizzy Can 12
Bo L'éro Voor Peggy Wawadadakwa 13
In The Rain The Wooden Glass Featuring Billy Wooten 14
Pling! Shuggie Otis 15
Theme De La Leçon Particulière Francis Lai 16
E No Possible Fela Ransome Kuti & The Africa 70 17
Roforofo Fight Fela Ransome Kuti & The Africa 70 18
The Healer/Don’t Break E.W. Wainwright Jr. 19



Bering Strait

Embodying the spirit that has imbued Apollo Records with a fresh lease of life since last year’s rebirth, Jack Lever aka Bering Strait channels a wealth of electronic influence, applying his own natural sense of rhythm and production talent to create purposeful and emotive music.

A 21 year old producer from the High Peak, Bering Strait builds his own brand of organic and ethereal electronica from self recorded instrumentation and field recordings. Interpreting his dreams and observations of his rural surroundings, he drifts from beatless soundscapes to more upbeat movements, employing a dynamism and drive that can be sourced to his origins as a percussionist.

Bering Strait presents his favourite tracks and influences. Expect music by Tortoise, The Cinematic Orchestra, The Smashing Pumpkins, Squarepusher, Ulrich Schnauss and much, much more.
Apollo Records

It's All Around You Tortoise
Continuum Jaco Pastorius 2
Equilibrium Erik Mongrain 3
Everyday The Cinematic Orchestra
Unknown Tortoise
1979 The Smashing Pumpkins
The Mosaicist Cougar
Wind And Distance Colin Kenniff & Hollie Kenniff 8
Sketches For The Truth Ex Confusion 9
Within You Without You The Beatles 10
Walking Strand Of Oaks 11
Iambic 5 Poetry Squarepusher 12
No Letting Go Mint Julep 13
Long Distance Call Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters 14
Untitled Bering Strait 15

From the get-go, we always wanted to make our own visuals to accompany our live DJ sets; thus to enhance the cinematic feel of the music we play. Here's a taster; a video clip by Nachtschade for Apollo Records' newest signing Bering Strait.

"A video which, through a yellowed lens, follows a woman on an afternoon stroll around grassy meadows and peaceful lakes until the sun sets."

"Spellbinding landscape dominates the video, a suitable accompaniment to such soaring material."



Inne Eysermans

Our next guest is a woman who needs no introduction. Inne Eysermans; the frail but extremely beautiful voice of Amatorski, made an exclusive mixtape for our radio show.

Inne obtained her master’s degree ‘music production’ (2006-2012) at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent. She composed music for animation, music theatre and short film and is currently working on music for documentaries.

Taste some new Amatorski & Per Son sounds, sniff some cassette mail and cherish the film pieces. Watch a film without images.

RECONSTRUCTION (opening scene) Christoffer Boe & Thomas Knak
1OP10 (soundtrack) Amatorski 2
1OP10 (soundtrack) Amatorski 3
1OP10 (soundtrack) Amatorski
JON BRION SHOW Elliott Smith & Jon Brion 8
HUNDELIV (+ extra Bernese youtube puppies) Grandma lo-fi & Sigridur Nielsdottir
IMPATIENCE (live @ AB) Amatorski 10
INTERVIEW WITH A CAT Marcel Broodthaers 12
1OP10 (soundtrack) Amatorski 13




ONS is a talented, young band embodying the honesty and fresh, organic soulfulness of singer-songwriting. They are influenced by the likes of Fink, Jono McCleery or even Patrick Watson. The winners of last years' Jonge Wolven recorded an exclusive session in our Nachtschade studio. Go and have a listen to our delightful recording.

Intro ONS 1
Use You ONS 2
Happy ONS 3
Stop Motion ONS 4
Sunlight ONS 5
Slow Down ONS 6
Fine ONS 7
Eyes Of A Child ONS 8
Thinker, Lover ONS 9
Every Need ONS 10
Pulse ONS 11

Placing names with faces; this is how the session looked like:




Lennart Thienpont aka Leftchest is the founding father of the notorious Peer Pressure parties & festival. He's been producing all kinds of electronic music since 2005. In 2011 Leftchest started DJ'ing at several parties all over Belgium & at 'The Lost Theory Festival' in Croatia. His style is very versatile, ranging from spaced out glitch-hop to post dubstep & challenging electronica. In 2012 Leftchest joined forces with Caoutchou records. Check out his long-awaited sequel to last year's excellent mixtape; 'A Poodle's Dream'.
Peer Pressure
Caoutchou Records

Crotch Crumbled Intro Spongemagnet 1
Colour & Movement Ryan Hemsworth 2
The Narcissist Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland 3
Past Tension Holy Other 4
Moon Juice Thriftworks 5
Huron River Drive Shigeto 6
Dutch Elm Sunken Foal 7
Twirligig Jonti 8
Hike Loops Haunt 9
Cooper's Dream Interlude 10
Echo Ssaliva 11
Apparitions Gaslamp Killer Featuring Gonjasufi 12
Gossamer Wings The Chocolate Watchband 13
All In / Only If You Wanna Flying Lotus 14
Roger More Cowbell Herrmutt Lobby 15
Neogeo Alvin & The Chipsets 16
War Of The Ants (Om Unit Remix) Ital Tek 17
Marzipan Cluster 18
5 Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland 19
Stop & Realize Matthewdavid 20
Lonely Town fLako Featuring Dirg Gerner 21




Without any doubt a rising star in the dj-sphere; dj Nosedrip has proven to be a musical visionary. His radioshow on Villabota, his mixes on Mixcloud and his Moody channel on 22Tracks have gained him critical acclaim. He is co-founder of the Surf Kill label and resident for several party concepts bringing new live in a dull nightlife environment. We recently had the pleasure of having a little sit down with Nosedrip in our studio, he presented his favorite records of the past year. Kind of. Nocturnal emissions guaranteed.

Four Gardens Julia Holter 1
Décollage Air 2
ADFH13 Ssaliva 3
Cinem DVA 4
Morcom Laurel Halo 5
Pillars Foreign Fields 6
Spare The Dark Streets The Music Tapes 7
The Winds Mmpsuf 8
Variation XIII D'Eon 9
Piece Of It Emily Wells 10
Glacier Mountain Descent Konx-Om-Pax 11
Kappa Kappa Dynooo 12
This Is The North (Travelogue #2) The Eccentronic Research Council 13
Open Clark 14
Uriel's Black Harp Actress 15
Distortion Of Time 1991 16
Situation Finale Sylvain Chauveau 17
So Bemüht Du Strebst LouisEX 18
One Joe Frawley 19
Olive House Folo 20
White Frank Ocean 21




Pomrad is the alias of young jazz pianist Adriaan Van De Velde, who, with the release of his 'Vlotjes EP' in May 2012 and extraordinary live set, quickly drew the attention of the local media & public. 2012 saw Pomrad play on the Lefto Stage at Dour Festival among many other clubs & festivals, as well as being featured on the Brownswood Electric 3 compilation.

Being compared to contemporary producers such as Hudson Mohawke, Rustie or Onra, he draws as much from other equally diverse sources such as 90's hiphop, 80's funk or even Chick Corea & Herbie Hancock. As such and as a jazz musician his focus is on intricate progressions and improvisation, and on creating a nostalgic feel and sound. Live he makes use of synthesizers, talkbox & keyboards. Laying out the different samples over his keyboards gives him control over the groove of each set, allowing for variation and improvisation in each individual part.

This special Nachtschade episode is divided in two parts. The first one is a quick blend of some tracks that influenced Pomrad as an artist. The second part of the show consists of an exclusive live performance. Pomrad is currently taking a brief break from touring to focus on his next EP and liveset, planned for spring 2013.

Fly Hawaii Luke Vibert & BJ Cole 1
L.O.V.E. And You & I Jazzanova Featuring David Friedmann & Paul Kleber 2
Pinocchio Miles Davis 3
Frenz Vs. Endz Lootpack Featuring Kazi 4
Run Away Georgia Anne Muldrow 5
Love Song #1 Me'Shell Ndegéocello 6
Good Night Girl Pomrad 7
Susie Cues Javelin 8
Pattern Klear Knxwledge 9
Starz Jaylib 10
Live @ Don't Hype Festival Pomrad 11




Ludique is an electronic music duo from the Netherlands. Luuc Oosterveld and Dick de Bie
started a collaboration in early 2009; at that time they were both playing in a post-rock band
called ‘Pink Champagne’ and were individually producing electronic music. When the band stopped,
they decided to carry on their collaboration and turn their love for post-rock and the likes into electronic music. They are influenced by acts like Radiohead, Kashmir, Trentemøller and Extrawelt. The trailblazing duo from Groningen have two albums under their belts, exhibiting an excellent mix of progressive techno with minimal, electronic and ambient flourishes.

Roses For The Dead (Max Cooper Remix) Halls 1
Ever need forever Ludique 2
Kickblocksing Ludique 3
Ride a gun Ludique 4
Mumbling mike Ludique 5
Panpipes Totally enormous extinct dinosaurs 6
Fantasy Dye 7
Interlude #01 Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 8
Parade Rone 9
Two Dots Lusine 10
Interlude #02 Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 11
Ehud's escapes Ludique 12
Poes de limit Ludique 13
Anakin love Ludique 14
Wamberto Ludique 15
Waulking song Totally enormous extinct dinosaurs 16
Chin Sleep party people 17